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Digital transformation: challenges and opportunities in the construction industry

Construction, being one of the largest industries worldwide with an annual expenditure of more than $11 trillion in 2019, faces a panorama full of contrasts. Despite its magnitude, it is one of the least digitalized sectors. However, new generations of engineers and architects are discovering an ocean of opportunities and challenges that unfold before them.


Nearshoring & Friendshoring: Unexplored opportunities in Central America and the Caribbean

Globalization has led companies to look beyond their borders in search of efficient solutions. In this context, terms such as ‘nearshoring’ and ‘friendshoring’ have become more relevant than ever, and regions such as Central America and the Caribbean are emerging as key destinations for these strategies.


Investing in Costa Rica: Opportunities and Challenges​

Costa Rica has emerged as a prominent destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent decades. With a transparent and clear investment policy, the country has positioned itself as a trusted partner for multinational companies. But, like any emerging market, investing in Costa Rica comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges.


The Influence of BIM and VDC on the Project Life Cycle

In the field of construction and architectural design, the development of a project involves multiple stages, from initial conception to completion and delivery to the client. The emergence of technology has modified the way in which these projects are approached, with BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) being two essential tools in this transformation.


Costa Rica: A Medical Industry Hub in Free Zones

Costa Rica, known worldwide for its natural wonders, has also emerged as a leader in the manufacturing and export of medical devices. Free zones have played an essential role in the consolidation of this industry, providing competitive advantages and turning the country into a global benchmark.


Costa Rica, we are falling behind

Opinion article published in physical and digital newspapers on February 4, 2022
Costa Rica, we are falling behind… (larepublica.net)

Our small country has managed to evolve from a mainly agro-export economy of the 50’s to a diversified economy. In addition to agriculture, we have learned to be a global competitor in tourism, the export of technological devices and a wide variety of Services.