Investing in Costa Rica: Opportunities and Challenges​

Costa Rica has emerged as a prominent destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent decades. With a transparent and clear investment policy, the country has positioned itself as a trusted partner for multinational companies. But, like any emerging market, investing in Costa Rica comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges.


1. Transparent Investment Policy Foreign investment in Costa Rica has been encouraged by government policies that seek to be clear and transparent. These policies have led Costa Rica to be perceived as a reliable business partner.

2. Diversity of Sectors: The recommendation to focus FDI in sectors such as services and the food industry in places outside the GAM highlights the variety of business opportunities in the country.

3. Free Zones: Free zones in Costa Rica offer tax benefits for multinational companies, making investment in Costa Rica even more attractive.

4. Stable and Growing Market: Despite global challenges, such as the crisis in Ukraine and fluctuations in oil prices, Costa Rica has demonstrated a resilient economy with growth potential.


1. Concentration of FDI in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM): Despite opportunities throughout the country, investment tends to concentrate in the GAM, which could leave other areas less developed.

2. Invest with knowledge: It is essential to have the appropriate advice when investing in Costa Rica. Expert companies and consultants are vital to understanding the market, regulations and guaranteeing the correct administration of real estate projects.

3. Comprehensive management of real estate projects: The field of real estate investment has many nuances and challenges ranging from property acquisition to management and maintenance. Meridia offers comprehensive solutions in this area, providing from conceptualization to project completion, ensuring that investors obtain the maximum return on their investments.

4. Logistics Challenges: The container logistics crisis and other challenges arising from the pandemic continue to affect the cost and efficiency of trade.

In conclusion, investing in Costa Rica offers a world of possibilities for foreign and local investors. While there are challenges, the opportunities available, especially in emerging sectors and in areas outside the GAM, make investing in Costa Rica an attractive proposition. With due diligence and a clear understanding of the market, and with the help of specialized companies like Meridia, investors can find profitable businesses and contribute to the sustainable growth of the country.

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