Technology at Meridia

At the Vanguard of the Constructive Future

At Meridia, we understand that the technological forefront plays a fundamental role in the innovation and efficiency of the construction industry. Our dedication to sustainable development and excellence motivates us to incorporate the most recent and powerful tools available on the market:​

BMI Building Information Modeling

Although we do not act directly as BIM Manager, we promote the BIM methodology in all our projects since we well understand the benefits of making design processes more efficient. Working hand in hand with specialized partners, integrating BIM with methodologies such as VDC, and offering an optimized workflow that provides added value to our Clients.

VDC Virtual Design and Construction

VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) and IPD (Integrated Project Delivery): These methodologies are essential in our process. VDC allows us to view the project virtually before construction, while IPD encourages early and effective collaboration between all parties involved.

HGP Project Management Tools

At Meridia, we employ leading platforms such as Procore ® and ProjectSight by Trimble ®, which reinforce our efficient and effective project management. These tools are essential to guarantee transparency and communication in each phase of the project.

OPC Oracle Primavera Cloud

Oracle Primavera Cloud ® and Microsoft Project ®: These platforms allow us to accurately manage time, resources and costs, offering accurate predictions and informed decision making.

XR10 Realidad Mixta con XR10 de Trimble

Powered by Microsoft ® Hololens 2, this tool allows us to combine the real world with digital data, providing a deeper understanding of the project and facilitating real-time decision making.

RA Augmented reality

Through augmented reality, we superimpose virtual information on the real world, allowing for improved visualization and interaction, benefiting the design and planning stage.