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Due Diligence and Feasibility Analysis

Before starting real estate projects or developments in Costa Rica, the Central American region, the Caribbean and Florida, we offer a meticulous due diligence and feasibility analysis service. We ensure that your investment in Costa Rica complies with all building permits and laws, such as the construction law, so that your business prospers without setbacks. We validate the feasibility of the business in the immediate environment and the applicable regulations. (more…)

Project Management

From the introduction of a project to its conclusion, our experience in project management in the region guarantees efficient execution at all stages of human and technical development. We cover the services necessary at any stage of the project life cycle. If you are looking for efficiency and effectiveness in project management, our expert team is here to guide you. (more…)

Commissioning and Validation Process

The Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV) process is essential to ensure that a project’s systems and equipment operate according to original needs and expectations. In the real estate and construction field in Costa Rica, it is not enough to implement the CQV at the end of the project. At MERIDIA, we emphasize the importance of integrating this process throughout the entire project life cycle, allowing for timely adjustments and corrections. While we do not operate as a Cx company, we oversee each stage from the project manager’s perspective to ensure that each project meets the highest quality standards and regulations. (more…)

Construction Engineering

Meridia leads the vanguard in construction engineering, guaranteeing quality and excellence from design to delivery. Our commitment is reflected in every detail, strengthening sustainable development and efficiency in Costa Rica. (more…)

Certificationsthat support us

At Meridia, our dedication to excellence is supported by recognized certifications such as ISO 9001 for Quality in processes and INTE G46 for project management. These seals, together with our membership in Esencial Costa Rica, reinforce our commitment to efficiency, sustainable development and superior quality in the Costa Rican construction industry. (more…)