Confidential Customer Project Management Services

  • Tool install on cleanrooms of +3,000m2
  • Cleanrooms of +5,000m2
  • PMO Tasks within the plant
  • Confidential cost


  • Multiple local stakeholders (multinational)
  • Tight schedule and budget
  • Dust control
  • Work around under controlled conditions with all its requirements
  • Work without interrupting current operations
  • Work without impacting controlled and validated areas and systems


  • Understand the business model
  • Develop strong relationship with key local stakeholders and accompany SME’s along the project. Precise communication
  • Revise design with local stakeholders to accommodate their needs and expectations
  • Plan and execute an RFP in different stages to validate budget
  • Coordinate and keep track of the schedule prepared by the internal client
  • Achieve and overcome expectations
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